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HECAS 2016 (2nd Round) Application Announcement

Starting Date: 09 August 2016 after 8:00 a.m.
Closing Date: To be Announced Later

The closing date for online submission is set at 3 working days after the announcement of GCE 'A' Level June 2016 results by the Department of Examination, Ministry of Education Brunei Darussalam. HECAS will be closed after 4:30 p.m. on that 3rd working day. The actual closing date will be announced later in the HECAS portal.

Applicants who applied and were not successful during HECAS 2016 (1st Round) and wish to apply again after upgrading their qualifications can retrieve their pervious HECAS 2016 (1st Round) online form by sending a SMS request to 38855 and type "hecas resubmit <IC Number>". A one-time charge of $5.00 is applicable for the resubmission.

Click GUIDELINE to follow the procedures on ways to register using you mobile phone and to fill in the HECAS online form.

Please read the terms and conditions listed below. It is the responsibility of all applicants to understand these terms and conditions before starting the application process.


1 The HECAS online application is opened twice a year. The 1st Round is in March while the 2nd Round is in August. Programmes offered during these two rounds may vary. Please refer to ITEM 16 for current programmes offered by local higher education institutions or Scholarship Section, Ministry of Education.
2 The HECAS online application is opened for holders of valid Negara Brunei Darussalam identity cards (yellow, red and green IC). However, only citizens of Negara Brunei Darussalam (yellow I.C. holders) who have at least a Credit in Bahasa Melayu in Brunei Cambridge GCE 'O' Level can apply for scholarship (local or overseas).

HECAS only accepts applications to programmes listed in ITEM 16 and does not process applications of government servants and foreign applicants. For more information on related issues, applicants can contact the Admission Office of the respective higher education institutions or Scholarship Section, Ministry of Education to inquire about the application procedures.
3 Applicants must use their OWN identity cards to apply through HECAS. Please follow the procedures posted in the GUIDELINES on ways to register via your mobile phone and to fill in the HECAS online form. The HECAS Registration Leaflet contains information on registration.
4 Applicants who are currently studying in local HEIs or on overseas scholarship ARE NOT ALLOWED to re-apply or change to a new programme through HECAS.
5 Please read the ENTRY REQUIREMENTS FOR HECAS for the entrance requirements, including number of sitting allowed, to local higher education institutions or for overseas scholarship. Applicants are advised to APPLY ONLY TO PROGRAMME(S) RELEVANT TO THEIR QUALIFICATIONS.
6 Applicants must select and enter the programmes of their choices in the order of their preference, i.e. the first (1st) choice would be the most preferred by the applicant, followed by less preferred programmes as second choice, third and so on.
7 Applicants who wish to apply only for overseas scholarship MUST also apply for at least ONE programme offered by local higher education institutions.

Applicants are only allowed to select a maximum of TWO programmes from each of the local HEIs or for overseas scholarship. The maximum number of programmes that applicants can select is SIX. The charges are based on the number of programmes selected as per below:

No. of Programmes Fee
1 Programme $5
2 Programmes $10
3 Programmes $15
4-6 Programmes $20
8 The Brunei Cambridge GCE ‘AS’ Level qualification is not considered as Brunei Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level qualification in deciding the application status of applicants for a place of study.
9 For similar subject taken at different sittings, just enter the best grade obtained. Year obtained should be entered in accordance to what was stated in the certificate and not the date the results are announced. For example, grades obtained for Mathematics in ‘A’ Level June 2009 and November 2009 were ‘C’ and ‘D’ respectively. So the best grade would be ‘C’ and the year obtained was June 2009.
10 All photocopied academic achievements to be submitted must be certified by the last school/institution attended.
11 Once submitted successfully, applicants are required to print out their HECAS online forms and submit them with their relevant documents to the institution/section they have applied to. Please refer to ITEM 12 on relevant documents to be submitted. For example, if an applicant applied to UBD and ITB, then he/she needs to send all relevant hardcopy to UBD and ITB.
12 Please refer to the following checklist when submitting your relevant documents to the institution/section concerned. This checklist should be submitted together with all relevant documents:

I. Scholarship Section Checklist

Scholarship Section, Ministry of Education, requires only ONE SET of relevant documents and FOUR copies of Borang B even if applicants apply to 2 programmes. Each set consists of a single copy for each completed HECAS application forms, certificates and relevant supporting documents. Click HERE to download theScholarship Section checklist.

II. Universiti Brunei Darussalam Checklist
  • For candidates applying to UBD,you are also required to complete the UBD Online Admissions Application (OASys) at this link.
    ( )
  • HECAS candidates who fail to complete and submit the UBD Online Admissions Application (OASys) will not be considered.
  • You are not required to submit any paper application or documents to UBD.
  • For assistance with the UBD Online Admission Application (OASys), please contact us
    • by email (Quote HECAS R2 in the email subject) or
    • visit us at Student Central, Student Affairs building, Universiti Brunei Darussalam.
  • For more information, please visit our website
13 Applicants are reminded not to submit their HECAS form online if their details are not complete. Before the closing date, applicants can always login and edit their information as long as they have not submitted their HECAS form online.
14 It is the responsibility of every applicant to make sure all information entered is correct and complete. HEIs and Scholarship Section of Ministry of Education reserve the right to REJECT applications which are incomplete, contained false information or received after the 3rd working day from the closing date.
15 Tracking number and password received after registration are only valid for the same year. Applicants who wish to apply again in the following year must apply as a new applicant and get a new tracking number and password.
16 The programmes available for HECAS 2016 (2nd Round) are shown below:

Programmes Available for HECAS 2016 (2nd Round)
Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) Undergraduate Degree
  1. Bachelor of Arts
  2. Bachelor of Science
  3. Bachelor of Business
Islam Sultan Sharif Ali
Not Offering.
Institut Teknologi Brunei
Not Offering.
Politeknik Brunei
Not Offering.
Scholarship Section,
Ministry of Education
Undergraduate Degree Programme
(Please refer to Entry Requirements for HECAS for more information)
17 For inquiry or technical issue, email to

Contact Numbers: 2381224 / 2380620

Prepared by:Higher Education Division
Ministry of Education
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Updated on : 02 August 2016